For millenia, we thought we were alone in space. Turns out we might be wrong after all. Meet Encelado, the moon of Saturn where life is possible.

We Help Business Grow

15 Equity Partners

World Class Professionals in the e-commerce domain.

20+ Average years of experience in the e-commerce and digital space.

Set up by the former Top Management Team of YOOX/YNAP.

Our expertise covers all areas of business from marketing, technology, supply chain, operations to finance and strategy.

We support ambitious early stage start-ups in the e-commerce space, offering not only venture equity, but also truly battlefield-tested expertise to create the digital champions of tomorrow.

Our target investment

Value Added

We provide Start-ups with “smart money” as we actively support Founders in accelerating their companies' growth.

What we look for

We look for European Start-ups where our set of skills and networks can add significant value. We mainly focus on the digital and e-commerce sectors.

Size of investment

We invest in Start-ups at Seed or Series A stages.


We invest in initiatives where we can have a strategic impact. For this reason we consider a minimum equity stake of 10% and we usually place an Encelado partner as board member.